what happens when you love someone..

Its happening, right? we both know something is wrong somewhere.. something right there, waiting for us to grab it but we just keep let it be there.. afraid to face the moment.. we both think its better this way, to be sort of oblivious.. we knew we're both acting strangely but we aint bothering to ask why.. because we already knew why... truth are always harsh.. n it seems we both cant face it.. we try or at least i try to spend more time with u, to enjoy the last few moments but its too hardbreaking... we avoid each other, hoping that this will reduce the pain we will face later.. all this happening proved one thing.. we both do care for each other.. so, all i want to say is, no matter what i hope u wont forget me n i hope we will keep in touch.. lets just not see the dark side of this k? lets try to be blind for i cant face the truth.. we'll just anggap that there would be no communication problems and everything will go well k?.. i will miss you so so much...

love you,
chong hui ying

what happens when you truly love someone?

you would not stop them from seeking their future
you would not advice them of being wrong
you would still help them no matter what

and even if it becomes to heartbreaking,
you still keep silence though ur heart yearns and aches
to tell them to stay..
you show ur yearnings through actions sometimes,
but u quickly regretted them..

for you believe the pathway of ur love ones are treasured
and you would definitely not step in there..
sure, you would follow behind
silently and loyaly
but its onli if the love ones give you their hand,
thats the onli time you would join them

you would not trespass their house or rooms,
but you will never trespass their life.
and onli venture there
when words are allowed

you gathered courage to go through it with them
to make them happy
but when it becomes too laborious
you shun away, leaving them
so that ur mood would not bring them down
for its not worth it for them to suffer for what u feel

When you truly love someone,
you help, stop and wave goodbye.
keeping an unbroken promise that u will always be with them
no matter what...


Anonymous said…
touched :)

-me xxx
Ashlyn said…
glad its not too cheesy..
Anonymous said…
unless, ur like dedicating this to a boy. if not, then itz not too cheesy.
Ashlyn said…
i thought for a guy, its suppose to be still accceptable...

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