unlucky.. ME

just like everyone else, my life has ups and downs.. i have even teribble down which involves:-

a) losing a Tupperware brand bottle
b) Camera (CANON)
c) MP4

and i thought i'd been through a lot and i can finally hit the highway when i hit something BIG on the curve! SOMETHING VERY BIG!

I.... lost.... MY... f*&^%$#@... BICYCLE!!!

dude! i'd made sure i'd locked it right before going into et for my chemist class and when i came back down, it was lost.. LOST!!!!

the thing to lock ur bicycle was CUT!!! it WAS CUT!!! its the rubber type with iron strings inside n the cut it.. man! I know its a mountain bike but its more than 3 yrs old and its mine!! don u think i had enough losses for a life time??!!!

I put it in front of the restaurant, facing the highway.. someone should have seen the culprit right ... :'( this is so not fair!!! i'd lost so many stuff...

i'm so doom.. i don think i might get anything else in life anymore.. ntg... ntg.. then, at night, i will have to face my parents.. God pls help me...

whats wrong with today? why am i so so so so unlucky??!!! god! a bicycle!! it cost RM199!!!!! who the heck am i gonna get this much of money?!?!


lailytasha said…
chong..good luck with that...
xplain carefully to ur parents...
u should kill the pencuri baicycle!!
lailytasha said…
~CrAzY GaL~ said…
lol..sorry chong..i mean sorry to hear...hope you get through it!
Lishaanth said…
omg!! omg!! i can feel that anger and msery in u omg!! u didnt even tell me!!!
Ashlyn said…
laily: but i don know who to kill???

jess: thx

shevi: thx

lis: i was too depressed to spread the news

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