another one..

hey, i created a new one n i want to show u in case you have any problems creating one.. u can always refer to brandon (wai lam) or yashna for tips for the peom making..

i onli have one tips: write our wat u want. but just in a different way, not story way... ^^

the new one is more to symbolism. different from the other one and its shorter n MUCH MUCH more boring if u cant stand poem.. so u know that u can actually write symbolism type or just feelings.. (plus, there is no must to rhyme but if ur a good rhymer, [i'm a terrible n disasterous one in that] it is better for u to try n rhyme)

What i saw at the end of the wood

I see a forked stream at the end of the wood I’d trekked,
And a toddler playing at its bay.
A small piece of red paper in his hand was turned quickly,
By skillful small hands into a small paper boat.

He gazed at the boat once last time,
With a deep breath,
He rest it on the flowing stream,
And down it went along the current.

Will it reach the end of the stream into the big ocean?
Will it crash upon a rock or bitten by fishes?
And more importantly,
Which way at the forked end, will it flow to?
The left or right?

I gave a shrug and went on my way
For I understood the way life goes,
Like the boat on the water,
Flowing based on human’s will,
Controlled by God’s words,
It will go to where the heart belongs.

@all rights goes to chong hui ying

and hey! have a nice day! xoxo


Anonymous said…
shoot x)
i'm amazed with ur vocab!
xinn and suen said…
Hey!!this poem sounds great also...
Jesslyn Lee said…
zzz,i need a dictionary to understand ur
Anonymous said…
this one is much prettier. nice.

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