ok, i did the poem my english teacher asked me to make in just... 20 mins? seriously! i was lucky la that i was in the right mood. but it sucks terribly! no symbolisms though... i just have feelings in it.. i hope u can see the complication in her. so, i want to post it up.. pls don copy mine.. the copyrights are mine.. pls don take it.. if u do, all my bloggers gang will be my witnesses in the court where i shall sue you!

Another choice

It was one of those days where everything flows smoothly,
But I had refused to let me guards down
As there was no way that I could enjoy the gay moments,
When I foresee another day;
The day where I have to make yet, another torturing choice.

Will I choose the right one?
Will I regret?
As clearly as I know about the nature of human,
That it was not all crime to think that the grass will always be greener on the other side,
I still despise myself for drowning along this fright.
If only a detour was available,
It would have saves me a lot of worries.

I wish what I’ll choose would be the right pick,
As I cannot afford to be wrong.
None comes when none effort is given,
And it is customary to strive and trudge along the choice you made no matter what,
Yet there are still times when the journey makes it all worthless.

The earlier pathway had led me to this paradise,
But will I get to enjoy it all again the next time
I reach the goal of yet another path?

And now here I stand one more time,
Halted by another choice,
Both seem equally perilous and laborious,
At the same time, tempting and impregnable.
What is right seems to be left;
For everything appears familiar as well as similar on both sides.

I should know that everything is in God’s plan.
Everything will have a happy ending,
That it doesn’t matter what you choice,
Faith and trust are all you need.
And so, I bow down my head and pray,
For His guidance to show me right line.

With the time running fast and decisions to be made,
I cross my finger and packed with a little faith,
I take a step forward.

I chose the way that glitters in my eyes,
Though other one definitely seemed more secured.
In the very end, I chose my heart.
Hoping it would not be wrong.

@all rights goes to chong hui ying

I think its too long though.. i'll make a new one soon, five minutes before the dateline to pass it up. That would great!


Jesslyn Lee said…
gosh!you are really great..undescribeable...hw i wish my eng can as good as urs...
Xinn and Suen said…
Nice poem!!!^^
Ashlyn said…
xinn n suen: thx

Jesslyn: gosh! i'm flattered.. u can do it too, u know.. mine isn't that great, u should see yash's in her blog.

i have a bad flaw too, i wish i know chinese as good as u
Jesslyn Lee said…
haha..both of you are great...
song bo?
Ashlyn said…
song as in no write song or cihnese's song?

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