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Keep Faith

How do you do it? How do you wake up everyday thinking that today will be a better day? How do you keep faith? How do you keep on hoping that things will be alright? How do you climb out of that hole you fell into?

Now, everybody just finished trials. For those who did well, congratulations! For those you didn’t do that well, well, I know how you feel. You feel desolated. Like just giving up hope. You think that after you gave that much into it, after you study that much, you thought you had a chance but the results proved otherwise. Then you think again, what’s the use fighting when you always lose? Why do I keep on fighting? What am I fighting for?

That’s exactly how I felt. Last Saturday, I was preparing what I was going to share today. I had a whole to-do list written on Friday. Tons and tons of things, alpha, economics, mathematics, dance club, moral studies assignment. I was like, okay, I have the whole Saturday tomorrow. I can do this.

But Saturday came. And it was like one of th…

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