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I'm dying.. or at least halfway there.. very bengang le! stupid pengawas job... i.. i.. aiyo! don wanna say bout pengawas d.. talk bout something else..

oh.. another weird little post

it is terrible and horrible as i did not re-read and edit. Lots of plots missing and description but i don want to write that long in a post. though if there are some bloggers who insist on me expanding it, then i will. till then, its just a random thing so i did not bother to do anything with it. Inspired from something in my life. Enjoy! n personally, i think it may need some extra dirtyness but its a public blog and my bro has a blog now.. so i aint putting any risk..
so i'd warn u.. this is really terrible.. there should be more feeling, more lust and loveand more nightmare but that would mean longer post and i don wanna get said that i'm boring again.... so just enjoy whatever is here...

She stared into nothingness and glanced briefly at me before turning away. She was holding something back something from me. Something that I could not understand, could not comprehend.
“Cassy.” I cupped her face and turned it towards me. Her black eyes with crimson lining, reflected my blue ones. I stared deeply into her, trying to unlock the fathomless dark secrets and lies beneath them. She had given the keys to me and told me all of them, every single bit... But there was just something, a single shred of secret that she was still keeping from me. One last key that she’d held from me. “What’s wrong?” I asked.
She smiled weakly. “Nothing’s wrong. Why would anything be?” she replied me with an amazing amount of assurance despite her trembling hands. I caught her hand and gave them a small squeeze. “There is something you aren’t telling me. I just know it.”
She giggled. “Who you think you are?! A mind reader or a future teller? I thought I’m supposed to be the only one who is supernatural here? “She snarled back a sassy remark. “Hide it all you want, Cassy. Something is there. Lurking in you.” I thought silently. I looked at her, willing her to understand that I just want to help, that I’m trustworthy. But then I gave it a second thought. Maybe not now, Lance. She’ll tell you someday. She will. She had promised you to tell you everything and she will. She just need some time to convince herself. You knew far too well that she had every reason to hold back
I suppressed a flinch from the last line. She had every reason to hold back. Every. I finally let go of her eyes and looked back at those her hands I’d held tightly. I turned them around, examining and trailing every delicate valentine on her palms softly with my fingers. The night breeze blew her scent on me; lilac plus chestnut. It was her favorite perfume, the one her grandma had given it to her before she died.
Although how much i restrained myself, i couldn't help but to look at her again. Casserine looked stunning tonight even if she was wearing just a plain T-shirt and shorts, with her hair wet from the rain in the evening. Her beautiful fair skin sparkled under the moon, her cherry lip turned slightly into a seductive smile as she glanced over at me, giving me the come-hither look that made my heart skipped twenty beats. It took me lots of self-restrain to not kiss her at that moment. My eyes trailed to her neck. She was wearing the necklace I gave her at our last date. It was a gift I’d treasured a lot. Like her perfume, it was also a gift from my grandma. The white gold chain fitted well with her, my favorite gift along with my favorite girl. I smiled smugly as I thought of it again. She was mine. Really mine.

Out of the blue -somewhere at the end of the scene- I heard a cry from the wolf. Cassy flinched slightly from the cry. Suddenly empathy struck me. It was Zacera! Cassy went to find her! That must be the reason why she insisted me not to follow her; to see Zacera alone. Zacera was the reason why Cassey was on the run. The reason for all her worries. Rage and fury cursed through me. At that moment, I knew exactly what I have to do. I need to kill Zacera. Fast.

@all right goes to Chong Hui Ying


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