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“‘Smooth talking Mr. Double minded-jack of all trade’, let’s call him that.” She smiled smugly, obviously proud of her so called ‘genius’ but we all know that she was just self-professing herself.
“Sammy! How could you?! ‘Smooth talking Mr. Double minded-jack of all trade’?! That’s so lame.” Lasy yelled in a horror-stricken voice. What’s wrong with Sam? That nickname or whosoever it meant to be was horrible! The words don’t even get together!
Sam flinched slightly from her best friend’s remark. She never thought she was bad. Everyone knew her and regard her as the best. The quarterbacks flirted endlessly with her, all the students crowed around her, the teachers loved her and the nobody’s practically worshipped her. And truth be told, she has every right to be loved (if you count out the pigheaded part).
Samantha Love Bluis was tall, curvy and lovely. With her fantastic highlighted golden blonde hair, thick red glossy lips, waist and bust the sixes that every girl and boy drools of, long, lean and seductive leg, Samantha was looked on every way.
A slight twinkle of tears wet her amazing green eyes that seemed to be the color of seaweed green, dark oak leaves at the side and shined like emeralds. She suppressed a breakout by taking a big gulf of air. Samantha was not sensitive in any way. She was just not used to be called or told like that. Especially not by her best friend. She shook her head –trying to shake out the words that Lasy spitted to her and to shake off her tears. She stood up, flattened the wrinkles on her short cheerleading dress and took up her tray. It had a big bowl of potato soup plus a plate of Bolognese spaghetti on it and she barely touched them. For her, they have far too much cholesterol for any sane girl to take in. The only reason the horrible fat-filled gruesome stuff were on her plate was because a really hot new guy offered them to her when she was lining up for food. “Why waste it?” she had thought. The guy was cute and the food can always be thrown away later.
@all rights goes to Chong Hui Ying

for those who had flies swarming around your head and question bugging ur mind, pls remember that this has nothing to do with the earlier post. This was just another random thing. nothing to do with Lance, Zacera or Cassy. Actually, this is a reality one, the lance thing was a supernatural one. enjoy.


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