love you...

i'm not all mellow always and yet still making such short post so appreciate this..

life is tough and hard but its just the way life goes.. like u, i would want everything to be easy but hey, since when do that say life is easy?

we're not born with a golden spoon therefore we don get to enjoy much but on the bright side, we enjoy being poor and simple.. we don need to worry bout friedns and stuff like that..we just need to worry about ourself..
so the whole point i wanna say today is that ur not alone.. form 4 life is tough and they say this is where the real journey begins.. so take one big breath and walk that one small step and keep going on..
When ur tired, be still, sit down and rest.. don push urself too much.. its not good.. just keep going on, k? if ur really down, look by ur side and seek help from ur friends.. they're there for u.. i know i'm there for u.. so be happy, k?

you know i love you,


Lishaanth said…
is this a reply to ysah post or sumthin..?? lol
Ashlyn said…
no la.. just feeling all lovy doey after commenting to goh
Xinn $ Suen said…
you're right,chong!totally read my mind~what makes you think of that?
Anonymous said…
saying words u dont mean can sometimes hurt other people, dar...!!

h&k - yash.
Ashlyn said…
yash: What i'm saying is true! which part aint true?

xinn & xuen: I don really understand what u mean??? what makes me think of what?
xinn $ suen said…
what makes you think of writing this post lo...Nice post actually

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