a touch of love

ok here is Gossip girl number two..

latest new, yup D broke J's heart.. OUch Ouch ouch.. but J is revoering (way to go guy) and bout C? well, i gave him a piece of my mind.. guess, i finally revenged for L..

and man am i pissed off.. baidurian cheated.. the whole class and yes, i'll admit it, its not fair our class didn't get to..

but nevermind.. i'm a good girl.. another news, R was seen pretty down.. said his friends were betraying him, but we all have that moments too so don give up.. and remember to update me if u ever want a girll

u know i cant write without gossips.. and S is still going after goody girl F.. wonder when there might be a spark?? F even said he look kinda (odd?) but hey, u'll never know when Cupix will get busy again..

till then, don miss me too much


Muhd Naim said…
lol. thx for ur comment. I thought I am forgotten edi.
Lishaanth said…
leme get his straite..??
this happens in our class... 4 berlian?
who are al the unknowns>>?
Ashlyn said…
(ahem...) the unknowns are there for a reason (so that they don sure me) and yes.. all of these spices in just our class... (smirk)
Lishaanth said…
damn!! tel me la who
Sillyaaron said…
Hey the unknown can dont put A???i will misunderstood 1 le...Lol

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