listen to me

blink once
and you shall see the door

blink twice
and you shall need to open it

blink trice
and you shall walk the path it led to

its all as simple as three blinks but the consequences differs greatly.. its not easy so be careful of what you chose...

remember there is always someone there,
waiting to catch ur back,
waiting for you to run back to his/her arms...

often, they try to make the ways for you,
open UR doors with their hands and
pushing u along the path they offered..
all because of their own selfishness..

but a true friend though does that,
will still be there for you,
when he/she senses there is something rotten
in the door u chose

listen to them for they do u good...
look properly,
is this the one u truly want?

take a step back
take ur time
u have plenty ahead..
just let me help u,
and help u help urself
u know urself that,
the path ahead is not what u dream for...

be happy always,


Sillyaaron said…
Hey...who do u talking about???me is it???or i perasan sendiri???
Ashlyn said…
aaron: its for anyone who would understand them though it was written for a reason...

yashna: u know what i mean...

melanie... lol?

lishaanth: lolz?

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