The Picture Of You And Me

yup, when I'm tired and sleepy, i get crappy n when i get crappy, i type rubbish.. so here goes another piece of rubbish...

I have it great
Had it treasured
All solid and clear
The picture of me and you

We shared everything,
From laughter, joys to sorrows,
Over a plastic cup of punch in
The picture of me and you

The smiles plastered
On our faces
Never fade in
The picture of me and you

And mom was right:
It’s just a picture of me and you;
A mere sweet remembrance
Against the bitter truth.


Anonymous said…
ur 'mum' seems weird. isnt she spoz to be consoling, not placing the truth out there?

nice last para.
Ashlyn said…
my mom will burn me alive if she knows about the picture (if there ever was one) but this mom is the great one.. hahahaha

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