they said or rather she said that hope and faith are the essenses to my life

before u read, pls be aware that the grammar for this post is HORRIBLE

i was stuck in the deepest place
a total lost at where i am
or what i want
there was no light ahead or anywhere near me
it was just dark, cold and lonely
and all those things were enough to make a wound opens in agony

i scrambled around,
searching for something,
anything that would hold me
that would calm me
that would make all this pain gone
and to make me whole again

then again i found nothing.
all lost in this place,
am i suppose to keep searching?
when i already know there is none help
am i suppose to keep hoping?
when there was nothing to hope on
am i suppose to keep a faith?
when there is nothing to believe on

was what the brain tells me
but YES
was what a small part of the heart says

i wish so much to listen to the brain
and end all this
but is it worth it?
to give up what u don have?
or rather
to give up what u haven have?

so i listened to the heart
and search once more
this time,
harder than never
cause i know if i don not find it now
i will never do

and there it was,
barely a shimmer
but to my dark little spot,
it was as if the heaven opened its gate
a smile crept up
with the jollinees that arisen
and those two were all
to make the whoel dark spot
shine like never before

and so i guess,
hope was there after all
if u just have faith


renaye said…
ur blog is very cute. :)
Sillyaaron said…
Hey like wat i say...there is always hope as long as u still alive...future do not go cause of faith but how we take everything to go to our future...Conclusion:Dont put everything in faith it dont bring any good...Depends on ownself is better than depends on others...(translate from chinese de Lol)
Ashlyn said…
no.. u don understnd what faith is, aaron.. faith is everything i live for other than hope.. faith is something important for christians.. faith is actually the belief of promise that things will turn out right.. u do something n u have the faith that it will turn out well, u move this step and u have the faith that it is the right step.. thats how it goes, aaron.. i believe in faith.. i believe that whatever line i choose, God has something very special and jolly in store for me... that way, u wont hessitate ur choice and u wont regret... cause u will know that everything happens for a reason and it will turn out well soon... u should have faith too... cause the believe of a brighter day is something that keeps us going...
Sillyaaron said…
U believe in christian n faith n i believe in myself n not faith thats our difference...
Anonymous said…
cuz the believe of a brighter day keeps us going...???

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