Gossip Girl

the first update by yours truly,

C was seen by P and L, flirting with H. C just broke up, is he on the strike so soon? Personally, i pity L. i think C and L are so meant to be together.

M was found out flirting with J, and yes, i kinda agree to that but i cant be bias cause i'm the reporter... any more updates from my fans?

and D is to break J's heart, so that he might be with M... Is it worth it? i don really think so..

thats all for now, see ya later

and yes, everything just went one step more delicious.... and i heart IT! cant help it, some gossips are too juicy!

you know you love me,
gossip girl

*gossips are made tedious by rumours*


Jesslyn Lee said…
is it a true story in real life?
Ashlyn said…
yup! totally and hundered percent true.. and it all happens in berlian...
Anonymous said…
and i cant believe u ATTEMPTED to be the oh-so-fabulous Asian version of....GOSSIP GIRL.
Ashlyn said…
a malaysian version u mean... n i am cool!

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