it's raining from your eyes..

sorry i hit u guys with another poem.. i had this in my mind when i was really sad that time... few days ago and i wanted to post it up.. if u still wanna read it, go ahead.. and true be told, its not great but i liked it cause it contained lots of emotion in them when i was in my mind...

there are tears
that are shed to make great sunshines

there are tears
that are shed to make the clouds gloom over
and block the silly ever-so-bright sun

there are tears
that were meant for just a plain blue sky

there are tears
that are shed for the fear of thuderstorm

but worst of all
there are also tears
that are shed because you were afraid of
the sun, clouds, clear sky and thunderstorm
and all you want is to break free
from this everlasting curse

and this one was just plainly written down because the title soehow inspired me to.

there are tears in you eyes,
brimming at their bottom,
red with fear

there are tears in your eyes,
flowing down the cheek,
making great splots of water when hit the ground

there are tears in your eyes,
that made your lips quiver,
with fear or ecstasy,
i could not muster

there are tears in your eyes,
that i wished to be wiped off,
but its impossible to do so,
when there are more behind

just like the raining from the sky,
falling down beneath the dark clouds,
endless and abundance,
making great misery to some
and great happiness to other;
it's raining from you eyes...

and yes, i have a thing for repetitive front lines (aka anofora, epifora and responsi, hee hee but mainly anafora) even my song writing had that thse repetitions but i cant help it, sorry...


Yashna said…
i wouldnt write these out...i like them.

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