yup, u guessed it, another crap

ya, so i MAY have the H6N1 CTAELD shawn was talking bout but i'm proud... don wanna get infected? come on, a little more literature and artistic-ness doesn;t hurt... right?



Born in the darkest night,
When nothing was ever surreal enough

Cause when u approach and seek its touch
It shimmers and disappears

Vaguely and barely covered bout the realms
I venture under curiosity
And u know what they say;
Curiosity kills the cat

But instead,
This time, a cat
Was not killed
Rather a heart was slashed

There was no intention
No purpose
Just the sole meaning of need
The need to know
The need to belong

And yet,
So much was lost
So much was given up
All in the name of naïve

It was not even close
Not even there
The feeling that feigns in my heart
And lingers for a while

Cause in the end,
It was the like a wave
Crashing upon a huge cliff
And this so happens to someone’s heart
That reality showed no mercy upon…


Sillyaaron said…
Lol i m infected wit H6N1...help me find a cure...so embarassing my english so noob...
Ashlyn said…
let me see urs.. pls.....
Sillyaaron said…
posted at my blog lo...very noob de...got a few summore...

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