i don like this at all

after this long,
we hope something will strengthen
and it did,
but it wasn't something good
jealousy overcome us
ego's played the little devil's role
cards were turned
and hearts torn

the will to not lose
send us both to our dooms table
waiting impatiently
for a chance to savor us.

is this wat becomes when one are too close with another person?
cause as i see now,
u fade further from me
engaging into a relationship
as if u tired of ours
i thought we had it strong
but i have to think again

never bother to listen to my words
that sometimes just wanna advice u
to help u form the impending doom
but u shrug me away
and regard me as selfish and irrational

fine, have it ur way...
just don come crying to me one day


Yashna said…
sometimes just wanna advice you...what about other times?
Ashlyn said…
other times, were meant for a mere chat.. as an engaging conversation that would somehow enclosed the gap in the relationship... and somehow during the 'talks', i wished for comforts...
Lishaanth said…
chong...u wished for comfort not comforts ^ ^
Ashlyn said…
oh come one! everyone knows that i have grammar probs!
Lishaanth said…
but ur a damn interesting writer so..im juz helpin...lol
Ashlyn said…
tq! thanks a lot! really, thanks...

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