CRAP ALERT! (u have been warned)

Wrote this during English paper 2...
plus, the persona is a boy so enjoy!

When Angels Sleeps…
As I watched her eyes flutter
In random flips
As she grew dozy
I couldn’t help but to adore.

To adore the fire that burned so ablaze,
Falling so silent in the world of slumber.

To adore the peaceful tranquility that was seldom seen,
Set blankets on her beautiful eyes.

To adore her little heart that worked so hard,
Moving in constant and simple thumps.

To adore the rose in her cheeks that fueled with embarrassment,
Growing paler into a set of champagne.

To adore the great mess of hair that waged her cruel hands,
Laying in comfort upon my hand.

To adore her flinch that was ever so slightly,
As I lay my hands on her.

And as I watched her breathing slowed,
Quiet in my arms
As I hummed to her,
I couldn’t help but to wonder,
If angels sleep.

tell me the persona u felt when u read (angel) cause sometimes it felt like a normal boy in love but then it also sounded also like a man holding his daughter...

and u can skip this one.. its deeper.. and yes, it was written during the exam too...

A Little Warrior
I have a heart
Like no other
Bearing existence in me;
Calloused with pain,
Stained with tears,
Slashed with words,
I still kept it safe
To not be broken
Like no other

I have a heart
Like no other
Beating lightly in me;
Enriched with hugs,
Painted with kisses,
Caressed with live,
I still kept it safe
To not be healed
Like no other.

I have a heart
Like no other
Fading inside me;
Wrecked with poison,
Torn with time,
Broken with medic,
I still kept it safe
To not be taken
Like no other
By God’s mighty hands.

the persona is a guy with a heart cancer... can be a girl too whoever u want but when i wrote it, i feel from a guy...

if u stayed true to me till here,
tq very much...


aww...i <3 the 1st one. isk..vry deep :)
U.N.K.N.O.W.N said…
oh oh!I think i should see a doctor.I nid him to confirm if i have cold towards artistic or english literature disease.^.^
Lishaanth said…
omg yes!! ur rite...
IM ACTUALLY INFECTED READIN her blog....!!! i need to be quarentined!!!
Ashlyn said…
whats wrong with u all? i think its better if u all are a little bit more artistic...
Lishaanth said…
yup...which part of 'a little' dont u understand???????

alittle means....a little...small amount.conroled amount...alomost close no nothing-ness..!! lol....

yea chong..ur blogs seems to be 'a little' artistic!
U.N.K.N.O.W.N said…
Atention everyone.H6N1 is CTAELD which is known as cold towards artistic or english literature disease have been spotted infected our country,Malaysia.You have been warned and quarantined and are required to stay at home to prevent yourself for getting infected by this disease.Any person who have been found to break the rule will be PROSECUTED immediately.
Ashlyn said…
haha.... thats hilarious!!! nice one, shienrun!

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