ok, i know.. i know.. ur probably all fed up with my poems but i have to put this up cause its written through inspiration by a friend.. Michael Meyers aka Narvindran has inspired me to write this when he told me that when he was standard one, he use to wonder why it rains.. and till now, he doesnt know why.. so, here is for narvindran or michael...

“Why does it rain?” he asked.

a little boy ran towards me
his hair splashed and body quivered
with his cheeky smile and curious face
he asked a question that made me scowl

cause to me, it's quite too queer
for such small figure to ask such big question
but like someone great had said;
when they are old enough to ask
they are old enough to know

so gave him a smile and a pet,
and answered his question,

I told him that the rain was there to cool Mother Earth
to cool little sister's tantrums
to cool daddy's pain after work
and mummy's fret after a day

I told him that the rain was there to wash Mother Earth
to wash the scoot on his face
to wash the mud on his shoes
and the dirt on the lonely alley

I told him that the rain was there to help Mother Earth
to help hope stay in us
to help us hold on to faith
as it sprinkled rainbows after a pours

Rain was there to help us
and it is still here
forever and always

voila and adios...


Yashna said…
I thought it was just ...
What's goes around comes around...
Yashna said…
the whole WHY DOES IT RAIN...?

it rains ...bcuz the clouds took away what was already the earth's...and rain is just the way they give the earth back what it deserves.

or something...
Ashlyn said…
actually, i was thinking bout how the rain bless us humans that does nothing but harm ourselves.. but, its ok if u get another idea...

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