i got... tag... not not kisses.. just tagged...

001. Real name : Chong H.Y
002. Nickname(s) :Chong, Ying, Hui Ying, Ash, Lyn, Ashie, Ashlyn and even sometimes Chylyn
003. Age: 15
004. Zodiac sign : Cancer
005. Male or female : Female
006. Elementary : Sekolah Sri Lethia
007. Middle School : another Sekolah Sri Lethia but was in SMK Batu Unjur since 13
008. High School : SMK Batu Unjur
009. College school : Aiming for Oxford! hehe
010. Hair color : Black
o11. Long or short : long? not tall? i think i'm average
012. Loud or Quiet : LOUD
013. Sweats or Jeans : i don know... i'll just wait for a genius to make a sweat jeans, maybe?
014. Phone or Camera : Camera...
015. Health freak : yes! but not that tight though...
016. Drink or Smoke? : NO WAY!
017. Do you have a crush on someone : now, no. past, yes. but if u count imgainary ones, yes
018. Eat or Drink : Eat
019. Piercings : Had it twice at my ear but lost them..
020. Tattoos : EWWW! thats so unhygenic...
021. Social or Anti-Social : SOCIAL
022. Righty or lefty : i guess, right.. this is not something u choose u know.. it just comes to me that i have to use right...


023. First piercing : standard two? cant really remember..
024. First relationship : a gf and bf one will be 13...
025. First Best Friend : Tan Sin Ying? but those were bad memories...
026. First Award : i don have a elephant memory, u know!
027. First Kiss : still waiting.. (don u dare to get any idea, boys!)
028. First Pet : err... i had many.. i think it was Rocky? He was a Rotweiler.. does fish counts?
029. First Big Vacation : i think its probably... ah oh... i cant remember...
030. First Love at first sight : i don really believe in that.. sure, a guy can be hot.. but LOVE is not something that easy to have...
031. First Big Birthday : i don think i have one..
032. First Surgery : a teeth surgery? that would be my age seven i guess..
033. First sport you joined : TAG! Ur it!
034. Orange or Apple juice : Apple juice!
035. Rock or Rap : er.. a little bit of both?
036. Country or Screamo : Definitely COUNTRY!
037. NSYNC or Backstreet boys : er.. what is NYSYNC???
038. Britney spears or Christina Aguilera : Britney!
039. Night or Day : Night
040. Sun or Moon : Moon
041. TV or Internet : TV
042. Playstation or xbox : i'd never tried X-box so i don know...
043. Kiss or Hug? : Kiss.. hehe...
044. Iguana or turtle : TURTLE!
045. Spider or bee : beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee............
046. Fall or spring : Fall...
047. Limewire or iTunes : Limewire i guess cause limewire is free!
048. Soccer or baseball : ROUNDERS! its almost like baseball... (i suck at football)

049. Eating : ate.. i made myself a plate of SPAGHETTI!
050. Drinking : nothing... err... salive?
051. Excitement level : low..
052. I'm about to : update FMN
053. Listening to : was listening to Breathe by Taylor and Colbie.. SUPERB SONG!
054. Plans for today : MUST EDIT FMN!
055. Waiting for : extra time.. i so need time...
056. Energy level : low...
057. Thinking of someone: er.. cause that someone tagged me.. i guess, i am thinking of my revenge on her...


058. Want kids? : DEFINITELY!
059. Want to get married? : yes.. yes... YES~! a simple wedding would be nice....
060. When : When i am ready...
061. How many kids do you want : probably two.. but i would love to have 4! two boys and two girls..
062. Any names on the mind: Probably Apple Jane (family name)... for boy will be Terence.. another girl maybe Colette?
063. What did you want to be when you're a kid : an air stewardess...
064. Careers in mind : WRITER!!! or maybe i could settle for a nutritionist.. but writing first!
065. Mellow future or wind : Mellow future.
066. Something you would never try : i don know...
067. When you want to die? : depends on my mood.. but mostly not anytime soon...
068. Lips or eyes : EYE!
069.Romantic or Funny : a little bit of both maybe.. or maybe just funny.. i don know!!!
070. Shorter or taller? : Taller
071. Protective or Caring : Both~! and it gets kinda annoying!
072. Romantic or spontaneous : er.. both? but more of spontaneous...
073. Nice stomach or nice arms : arms? stomach.. i don know...
e074. Sensitive or loud : Sensitive
075. Hook-up or relationship : what does hook-up means?
076. Trouble maker or hesitant : Trouble-maker!!! muahahahahah...
077. Muscular or normal : Normal
o78. Kissed a stranger : EWW! i don want STD! nor HIV!
079. Broken a bone : sadly.. never tried... could be kinda cool u know!


080. Lost glasses/contacts : i don wear them...
081. Ran away from home? : din have the guts of the wild instinct to do so...
082. Held a gun/knife for self defense : Would love to.
083. Killed somebody : never but would enjoyed doing so...
084. Broken someone's heart : Ouch.. sadly, yes...
085. Had your heart broken : i don think so.. maybe just a little.. but mostly, i wasn't about crush of love...
086. Been arrested : NEVER!
087. Cried when someone died : yes...
088. Liked a friend more than a friend : thats how u develop crush, right?

089. Yourself : not really.. think so, i guess...
090. Miracles : DEFINITELY...
091. Love at first sight : No
092. Heaven : (nod)
093. Santa Claus : hope so.. but not really.. if yes also, onli in Europe... he never comes here...
094. Sex on the first date : NO!.. onli sex after marriage!
095. Kissing on the first date : only on the cheek.. a girl has to play hard, u know...
o96. Angels : (nod) "i believe in angel!!! Something good in everything i see"

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now : (cry) YES!! (whine)
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life : contented.. a little gua..
099. Do you believe in God : DEFINITELY!

I finish it at last!


Yashna said…
1) Ha! Oxford..!!
2) You don't have black hair.
4) A bee? Seriously??
5) Hmm, iTunes is original...ah, who cares...?
6) Hahaha, you are not going to get any revenge.
7) Hookup means short-term fling la...
8) STD...HIV?!
9) 097: YES!!!!!!!!!!
10) 099 : Definitely? Hmm..
Lishaanth said…
i know chong u love me too much... i love u too;...:P but we cannot be tgt cuz ur hair is gold and long while mine is black short and FREE FROM DANDRUFF!! :P hahahahahahahahahahaha
Ashlyn said…
1) TQ
2) i don? then what colour of hair i got?
3) i really don
4) well.. its better than spider...
5) nod
7) oh then, relationship!
8) yup!
9) hahahhaah
10) yup

gold and long? cool? haha... lol?
Ashlyn said…
oh the revenge thing, i'm getting one! argh!
MGR Mr Gopi Raj said…
chong ur blog aso same level with yash ..the thing is i malas to send comment and tat day i saw her blog after a long time ....so i send her the comment and if i follow ur blog , the compliments all go to ur blog ...so no harm : )

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