oh ya, another one...

i found out that this poem means differently to different people.. tell me what u think...

The Meaning Of Care

As I lay still at night,
My heart slowed,
My mind wondered,
Are you sound asleep?

As I looked up the cleared sky,
My eyes blinded,
My senses alert,
Are you safely cared?

As I ate my meal in the evening,
My tummy filled,
My taste buds sleepy,
Are you well accommodated?

As I washed by the clear waters,
My body refreshed,
My soul washed,
Are you in pain by facades?

As I stared at my reflection,
The perfect me,
My exact copy,
Are you being comprehended?

its actually for someone i love.... and me wondering how he is.. so, what does it actually mean to u?


Sillyaaron said…
I dont think this poem bring the meaning of care lo...
Ashlyn said…
lol... u don have to see it my way.. to me, it might mean care.. because here, i think bout someone... bout how i care bout that someone that even when i'm blessed, i kept wondering about that someone...

it could even mean the other way round, like they say they care bout me but why don i see it? that persona sees the glory in her life but she don see people's care towards her... she felt like those things given to her was just a responsibility done by other.. they din care bout her...

think properly... read it again.. do u see care?
THE man.. said…
god..literature is stupid...itz pain in da as*!!
Sillyaaron said…
== who is the man???swt le...

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