Crap + Crap = ??

hey.. its the double craps again... i found out i never posted this one.. its one of those few romance poems that i wrote.. so enjoy...

Connotation of kisses

Kisses they say are meant for love ones
A touch of never-ending love
Of an unbroken promise
A string of unsaid words
All bound together in one moment

Kisses are the act of giving
Twisted with courage
A gift so preciously
Packed with trust
And tied with ribbons of endearments

Kisses others say are merely a brush of motion
That combines two souls
Those that are blinded with love
And whose hearts are filled with
The nectar of a first true love

Kisses to me mean the cruelty of judgment
Against two individuals
Who wanted no more
Than a part of another’s world.

@ All rights goes to Chong Hui Ying

and another one.. this is just written.. inspired by what Lishaanth said that he could never believe that i could fall in love... this poem is not me, just a deeper more troubled person.. enjoy!

The Charm of Love

It came silently
Seeping through my consciousness, my consent
For I never foresee the little spark of gold
In my every grey days

Long have I toiled
Mending souls and precious hearts
And forsaking the nagging loneliness in me
For the sake of others
And also for the sake of moving on

Firecrackers, firework and pretty butterflies,
Never cease to exist in my world,
As I watch them take effect on others,
A pride of green drowning me.

But as I worked up yet another stitch in another heart,
I was caught between those threads,
Pushing it, resisting it,
Only to find myself more tied against my will…

And so I learned to accept,
Learn to blend,
Searching for a gateway form this horrible conscience,
That blinked in contrast,
Saying words I do not want to hear,
That I might be in love…

But when the escape stood wide and welcoming,
I found myself holding back
Believing in nothingness
That maybe love could just work this time,
And allow me to dance once more
In its magical melodies…

@ All rights goes to Chong Hui Ying


Sillyaaron said…
hey...the 2nd crap talking about me ar???but i guess no la...the feeling not completely there...maybe i perasan haha...but both very nice n more understandable than be4 this 1...haha...
Ashlyn said…
haha.. because these two more straight forward... the before one is twisted with words... well, the second one like i said is a more troubled girl.. it has me in it but somehow the girl in this is more depressed...
Sillyaaron said…
oo...the depressed u...haha...n i like this new straight forward better cause i can understand more...hehe...
ILIAS said…
nice ^ ^

second one's cute, too. hmm, the things 'love' can do to some people. SOME people....tsk tsk tsk.

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