i think i got it back!

ok before i say anything else, CRAP ALERT should be put up first.. i got my flu back! YIPEE!!! ok, it may be bad lo.. cause i have lost it.. now regaining little by little, i have yet to reach the full from of life.. plus, i din have the thesaurus with me...
but still, enjoy...


As lapping water caressed the little crooks
Smoothing boulders into shiny moon stones
Whispering silent lullaby to moving fishes;
Travelling back to sea and fro.

As branches of the tallest Ash blew petals of green,
Tunneling mighty roots over thick soils,
Its silvery trunk houses lives,
Knocking softly every morning.

As the dry Pacific wind cruised over the globe,
Picking and dropping nimble stuffs,
Creating a mass of humble dancers,
Twirling with the speed of its music.

As the great bright amber hung above the sky,
A star; thousands of miles away,
Enlighten black abyss,
Blessing with warmth and protection.

As the little round beauty sparkled the night,
Specks of round gleaming around it,
Leading the way for nocturnal
And enhancing the romanced air.

Brilliant humans walked on the surface,
Among blessed agricultural gifts,
Crushing and trashing every natural geology,
Jeopardizing the heart of Mother Earth.

maybe there will be some stuff u don understand.. so pls ask..


Sillyaaron said…
Lol...ur flu come back only ad write so long...Looks like we r going to face more n more craps from now on...but nvm la...cause I LIKE IT...haha...
Ashlyn said…
tq... nvm.. i onli wrote this cause i forced myself to... there wont be much craps here.. i'll try.. *wink wink*
Sillyaaron said…
== just joking le...post MORE n MORE...haha...

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