The continuation

We reached school about 6:50pm. Alvina and I got off the car with Miss Marla’s niece still inside the car. She never gets off the transport of her aunt until it’s almost time for the morning assembly which is at 7:20pm. I was told by Alvina that the reason for such behavior of hers was because she doesn’t have any friends. Poor girl. I’d tried convincing her to make more friends but I wasn’t persuasive enough that day as I was tired from another cross country training that day. Plus, I only did it that day because it wasn’t Miss Marla who fetched me. It was Miss Marla's boyfriend and I relied on the fact that men dislike chick talk to convice me that he shall want not overhear. I wanted to continue it but it seems way awkward to have the whole persuasion counsel session with Miss Marla around. That boyfriend of hers never drove us back anymore. I still see him sometimes with Miss Marla but never just him.
“Let me guess, you did not bring your number?” Alvina asked me after she saw that I only brought my bottle along. I smacked my head and cried, “Dang! I’m sorry. No, I did not bring. I guess I’ll just ask from Mrs. Lee again.” Mrs. Lee was the Lekir’ house captain who took care of all the numbers given.
“She would let you get a new one?”
“I think so, she told me that she will prepare some more for tomorrow as in today in case there might be anyone who forgot to take it yesterday and of course, for people like me too, who forgot to bring their number.” I sighed. I liked the number that I chose yesterday. It was 1566, and it does sounds like a pretty lucky number to me.
“Hey, Alvina. I want to go 7 Eleven first. I have not taken any breakfast.” I complained. My stomach wasn't awake enough to detect the fact that my stomach was empty yet but my brain warned me that i still need food. I can’t run 7.5 km with an empty stomach!
“Wait, I need to pass up this karangan book first.” She said as she dropped her bag at a nearby hallway and pull me towards the teacher’s room.
“I don’t think its open this early, Alvina.” She paused to consider my thought. “Ya, you’re right.” I turned her around and walked to the front gate instead.
“Oh, come on! At least let me put my book back to my bag. You don’t expect me to actually bring the book there right?”
“Actually I do. Just move, Alvina.” Unwillingly, she followed my sudden hard pull on her elbow towards the school gate.

me continue tomorrow... my eyes wanna die d.. they need rest...


Jesslyn Lee said…
gratz,u won third place right
Muhd Naim said…
wow. alvina's like that. didnt know.

oh yea. i saw her crying during recess time, when i went to the class.
Ashlyn said…
jess: thx

naim: we had a fight that day

all of u out there: you do know that this is the continuation of the earlier post right??
Ashlyn said…
wuan xinn and wuan xuan, u both can comment d.. i have anonymous icons...
Xinn & Suen said…
Congratulations to you cuz you won the third prize^^. Wow you still remember what we have told you,thanks anyway.
Anonymous said…
talk about writing dialogue's!
lol so u din brg a bag thr4 u 4gt ur number. i c i c. n im clueless what 2 write d. hv a nice day , ash.
Ashlyn said…
thanks!oh ya, and what dialogues???

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