Busy life

seriously, i really don know how to cope these days.. i have thousands of homeworks yet i so badly want to read or write stories. But reading is worst as writing can be avoided by writer's block (its just something writers have when they're stuck in somewhere in the book. unable to write even another word next.) YOu see, reading them is a whole new chapter. Its like a hobby i couldn't stop, even just reading excerpts do me good. Evrything else is put on hold. I'm just doing stuff when i need to not doing any preparations that i should make. Its bad, i know but a gal has to have a break of her own. I don know how u do it Goh but i'm trying k? Sometimes i wish the time will just paused. Let me finish all my homeworks and then start back. it would be pretty cool ha?

And there is also some other stuff bothering me... like what i want to be. Truthfully, i'm doubting my talents or interest now. I mean i love psychology and i have a basic understanding of it but i don know but you guys, psychology tires me out. Yup, meantally, after a session of interpreting and reading thoughts, i feel all worn out. N i love science too but loving science yet sucks in physics and not understanding bio is a big no no.

And oh ya, i really like writting too. Its something that comes in a strong passion like the ardent passion i have for animals and environment. I know someone else who feels like me too; yashna. She has what it takes to write and even more. She seems to know her course pretty well too, unlike me. writting has also became something different for me now; i think i have change my witting style.. Well, that's what i think la.

so, conclusion? i'm still pretty clueless. And one last thing.. for all those bloggers out there, pls write what u want to write in them.. don hold back. writing posts also show who you really are. n i found some pretty cool facts extracted from all ur writing style. so, gambateh?

all of u, pls pls pray that i will somehow manage it all... ok? i mean manage all my stories and homeworks. oh ya plus the song writing too though i have been holding back song writing -due to my story with yash and also cause of its pretty hard to write lyrics. pls and thank you.


Ashlyn said…
i love u, naim... i wish i could really say that but i know u'll kill me but seriously!!! not really love love la.. main love love nia... considering the love i have for u, i kinda love everybody.. guess i'm mis-using the word love right? oh well... till i found my true love, i'll use it everyday.. hehe...
Muhd Naim said…
=___=". erm. u did get alot of comments on the previous post.
Ashlyn said…
ya.. but u see, those 15 comments- if u had really read them- they were all bout games and ntg bout my blog.. its like they're using my post as the chatroom for their arguement.

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