Cherry Chapstick

William: They say if your ‘fore-toe’ is bigger than your ‘toe-thumb’, it means you can no longer grow bigger.
Hazelle: No! *crosses her arms over her chest* My poor boobs!
William: *blushes* No, no. Not that of course, that’ll grow. Just your height.
Hazelle: *blows out a sigh of relief*

Howdy everybody! The above conversation did take place but it was in Mandarin. I thought it was funny so I wrote it here. Now, I think it’s funnier in Mandarin. Anyways, ya, I have no idea what ‘fore-toe’ and ‘fore-thumb’ are supposed to be called. I merely replaced the word ‘finger’ with ‘toe’ because we call the ten pieces of metatarsal bones wrapped in muscles, skins and nails as toes and not fingers. Fingers are for metacarpals. (Did I get the bones’ names right?) No, the aforementioned William (originals names are replaced to protect the privacy of the victims) didn’t name them either, he just pointed them out to Hazelle.

Okie dokie! Now, how’s life? ^^ Bad? Horrible? Good? Wonderful? (wondering where is ‘fine’ here?) My life is…. Busy? I don’t know. I’ve been working! Ever since 15th of December 2010! I just finished my last exam that day which is EST short for English for Science and Technology. Watched a thrilling (thrilling is the entitled word for only the middle part of the movie, the ending is OMG! In a stupid way) movie called Skyline (seriously, the airplane is wicked!) that day. About 15 minutes to end, I was brought to shop. *sob sob* too bad. But it aint too bad when you consider the fact that I am working for my parent’s shop which is the ricebowl for my family and my future. So what did you guys do? Working or slouching at home?

Now that school is over, I found out that, I am a bit cut off from the other world. It’s a little bit weird but I am not complaining which is even weirder. Trust me; I used to be a desperate attention seeker, so not having many friends is a shocker. But I am cool. I still sms with Narv and sometimes Brandie. I call and sms Daniel everyday like always. I call Yashna once in a blue moon? And I see the church members during G2 or Sunday Church. Life aint too bad. I just don’t have time to socialize much. Am thinking of visiting the national library soon when I get my day off. Anyone interested to come with me?

Since that the above topics are gone and over with, let’s talk about the future. Gak! No! I am not a psychic. I am talking about ya know, tertiary studies. So, anyone made up their mind yet? For me, the most important thing is the result. Unless you are Shane, then you do not have to worry much but if you are not Shane and you are like me, well, SPM result determines everything.

A) It determines the scholarship you’re eligible to apply for.
B) It determines the University you’re eligible to apply for.
C) It determines whether you are going to cry happy tears or sad tears on that day.

So, it’s very important! I kinda wish the result would come out already. I just wanna get it over with. I am still in a dilemma. It’s about the future. I know everybody is going through this; sort of the exceptional one or two who are born with their future written on their forehead..There must be a lot of questions in all of your minds now. What should I study, where, when and can I or even should I? That’s a lot to figure out for a 17 years old but hey, they don’t call us young adults for nothing. I need an educational talk. Any idea to whom I should refer to about this super important topic? BTW, for those who still haven’t make up your mind. Fear not, for God is here! Ya, just pray to Him. He knows us better than ourselves and I trust Him enough to place my life at His hand. Whatever He does with it, I do not mind for I know I am in good hands. So eventhough I have my future in a rough sketch already, I wouldn’t mind if God have a whole different plan for me and squashes my imaginary castles in the air. He promised that He will always do good to us in Jeremiah. So, whatever He does, it’s for your good. ^^ Have faith everybody! I should have more faith too! Trust in your God, the Lord for He is Great!

That’s all for this post. Till next time, lots of phileos to whoever that read this. Means a lot to me that you guys stick with me and read my posts. Thank you.



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