"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalm 139:14

I love the aforementioned verse and I have all the reasons to. ^^

Well, today is the last day… sort of. I have short of two papers to go but then no more science subjects!!! I am feeling quite disturbed right now. I feel depressed? I don’t know but I do not have the sense of freedom like everybody else. I feel kinda down. Perhaps it is because I still have two more SPM papers to endure?
But I think the main reason why I feel under the weather right now because I do not think I deserve it? I don’t know… I felt as if I did not work hard enough especially for my psychics to deserve this break or this sense of freedom. Plus, it aint really freedom. I heard that tertiary study is pretty hardcore. Nevertheless, I made it through High School. Almost…
I still do not feel seventeen-ish eventhough I have long passed my birthday. When I was in Form 1, I would look up to those in Form 5 and go “wow, they seem so cool!” Being seventeen myself this year, I don’t see anything cool about being seventeen. I am still me. Okay, fine… Maybe a slightly more matured me? But I feel dumb. I really do. Sometimes –ok, maybe everytime- I look back into my past I go like, “OMG! I am soooo stupid!” lol. Ok. Fine. That was a bit exaggerated but you get what I mean, don’t you?
But it’s over now. All I should do right now is move forth with a better personality. Hopefully, I can change into a better person. Someone great God intended me to be. …. Sorry, I am feeling quite speechless right now… I think I wanna go take a nap. I’ll blog again next time. Probably this Friday. See you soon!

P.S: sorry if this post is depressing ++

P.S.S: song for the day! “I will boast” by Paul Baloche.

love, ashlyn...


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