Daniel made up this anthology for me but I thought it would be better if I share it with you guys. He used the thing that I love most. Books. So if your favourite item is not book, IM me, and I’ll make another anthology for you, only this time it is signed with my name and not Daniel’s. Whatever he said goes something like this:

Close your eyes. Imagine you are in a bookshop or library (whatever your choice is) with only two racks. On the very last end of one of the racks lies your favourite book. In my case, He used the last book of Vampire Academy series. It wasn’t my most favourite book but it was a book I couldn’t miss after reading the first five of Vampire Academy novels already. Then, walk slowly, step by step, and tentatively between the two racks towards the direction of your favourite book. Bear in mind that as you walk, the racks surrounding you are filled with books. Heavenly books. All of Jane Austen, Nicholas Sparks, P.S. I love you, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Twilight Saga, The Poison Garden and lots and lots more interesting and fantastic books.(sorry, kinda ran out of books here) One question now. Will you stop? Will you stop, pull out one of the books there and start reading there and then or will you keep on walking towards your favourite book still waiting for you at the very end. Think properly.

You see, this is the same thing with life. Like I said, we’re all facing a dilemma. Constantly bragged by the question of this or that. This or that? In this case, the favourite book represent your dream job or course. The other interesting books on the racks are other options. Some of the books represent easier courses, others represent stable jobs. But they aren’t your dream jobs. So if you have stopped to read the books on the side instead of your favourite book, you lost the fight. You gave up your DREAM for something simpler and less meaningful to you. Is it worth it?
Nope. But we are still fearful creatures. One of the main reasons why we didn’t reach out to the last book is because we are scared of failure. So so scared that we always let our dreams slip away from our hold.

At seven, I was a Power Ranger. I was always either the yellow or the pink ranger. I was so sure I could save the world and the dream was further enhanced when I learnt Taekwondo. I was ‘pretty’, could speak English and knew how to kick ass. All I need was just an audition and ,bam!, I will be a Power Ranger. But then time passed, dream faded. I was no longer Power Ranger. No longer a small girl.

At twelve, mom told me about this cool job called air-stewardess. Continent jumping and pretty make-up, dang, I wanted it. It was a very cool job to me –and still is- with all the grandeur of travelling around the world for free in pretty uniforms and all you have to do is serve. I was ‘pretty’, on my way to be a taller girl (the height doesn’t really bothers me due to the existence of four inches stilettos) and I could speak politely. I mean, this job is mine! But then time passes, dream faded. I was no longer an air-stewardess wannabe. I felt uglier.

At fifteen, I was a writer. Fascinated by the linguistic world, I wanted to join in. I read books, strung verses of poetries, wrote stories and blogged. I was fluent in English than most of my peers at that time. I mean come on! I love English and I know English. How hard can that be, right? Since some of my peers really do believe I was that good. But then time passed, dream faded. I was no longer a writer. I felt stupider.

At seventeen, I was a Yale student. If I could score well in SPM, Yale shouldn’t be a problem with tons of hardwork and God’s blessing. Heck yeah, God said “For with God, nothing shall be impossible”. Go check Luke 1:37 if you’re not convinced. I wanted to be of an English Literature major with –if God permits- creative writing minor. Time passed again, dream started to fade again but this time, I have held on to it. God has written all his promises in the Bible. If God said in Jeremiah 29:11, “I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you HOPE for”, then I shall believe in Him. If two promises are not enough, there is another one in Jeremiah 32:40. In there, He said that He will never stop doing good to us. So fear not!

I write this today not to tell you what is wrong or right. But to tell me that I should take a leap of faith. Faith to me comes and goes. I am human so it is okay if it happens to me. However, that still shouldn’t be the excuse to not have a strong foundation of faith. As a believer of Christ, I shall believe in Him with all my heart and strength for there is no one who knows me more than He does or loves me more than He does. He himself is the epitome of LOVE. Originally, this post ended with a prayer but to me prayer is personal. Something between me and God only so i edited it out. That's all for this post. I end it with prayers that God may bless you too.

lots of love,



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