Time: 13:40
Venue: ICT Lab SMKBU
Danger Rate: 5 Stars

Specks of amber rays
warming little toadstools
craze of bees
swarming little tulips
Cries of cricket
summoning the night
as bright lights
hung overhead

the little joy of nature
caresses every soul
yet they are harmed
sentenced by cruel hearts
by mere acts of humanity

help us save the nature
Lend a Green Hand

n this was written back home...

well, i need ur help guys... err, cause for the second sentence of almost each para, i am clueless of which one is better... so tell me which one u think fits more...

Lemony scent prickled misty air
As meadows of green line beneath the stars
/ As dragonfly danced in the air

Warm golden rays smiled upon earth
As ants hurry in their burrows

Dried leaves littered everywhere
As the cold breeze tickles by
/ As chipmunks scurried by

Pristine water bounded into crystals
As snow flacks starts to fall
/ As tortoises fall into deep slumber

The blessings of Mother Earth;
We shall not forsake

Join us for a brighter future…


Sillyaaron said…
For all of them...i choose the 1st 1...

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