me back! sorry for the poem.. i had the need to express myself someway or another and poem seem to be the shortest way so yay!me feel better now so, give me a big hurray.. and i'm very nervous for tomorrow.. man, i'm shivering (having jitters)... argh!

oh ya.. one more thing, i have a news here... pls help me along..

anyone who wants a rent a floor one and floor two of a shoplot in bukit tinggi?? great price! two floors, onli for RM 2000!

you know who to contact if u wanna rent.. (wink)


Melanie said…
Too much la you! Promoting the shoplot in Bkt Tinggi?! And... who to contact?
Jesslyn Lee said…
so many shop for rent out there..which wan is urs?din mention it oso^^
Ashlyn said…
u wanna rent? for like real?
Jesslyn Lee said…
of cz no.i gonna rent for wat?my second home?lol

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