i read in one book that an author usually writes an acknowledgement as an excuse to not repay you something.. the philosphsy (the spelling is kinda off) is quite simple.. as they explained:
a) if the author says: thank you ....
that means you aint getting your 5 bucks back
b) if the author says: I can;t say how much i thank you
it simply means, you aint getting your 20 bucks back...
c) if the author says: i owe you forever or i'm forever in debt with you
you know you aint getting your 100 bucks back...

but don worry.. the below acknowledgement is not something that involves not paying back any money or any properties borrowed except that Lishaanth owe me my Account book.

so first i would like to thank Lishaanth or Jeremiah (no, i still dislike the name Jack) for giving me the last push and made me finish the essay in exact 1000 words..

and yashna for editing (lots of phileo!)

and narrie for helping me out (she helped with my second essay)

and kevan for trying out my first and second essay

and brandon for.. i dont know..

and whoever else that i might missed out.. thank you!!!! dont worry. if i win - i strongly doubt that fact-, i'll still thank all of u...


Lishaanth said…
fuyoh!! lol
cekap u finished it!
m soo happy for u!!
cekap CHONG!!!
told ya u clud do it
Yashna said…
who is jeremiah?
Lishaanth said…
chong: no prob!

yash: long story...but practically both jeremiah and jack are me!! lishaanth :P
Anonymous said…
why are u cald jeremiah?
Ashlyn said…
ask lishaanth to explain it.. i malas...
Lishaanth said…
well actully...i downloaded a new ASIA SOFT GAME shootin wan la,,,itz call sudden attack...(damn cun..beta han maple ^ ^) so i had to create a i made mine jack mccartney...pls dun salah sangka i simply chose mccartney cuz of u ah...cuz mccartney will look cun in the game....when u achive the general level u will be called 'General McCartney' sounds cool so i put it and....welll.....chong bein chong didnt like it ^ ^ only she calls me jeremiah....done
have a nice day ^ ^

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