ok.. here's the result.. yes, white WAS my favourite colour.. maybe its still but the real truth is my fav. colour changes with my mood. I was liking bronze yesterday n white again today. those who chose white, u need to update, those who chose the correct answer, congratz! u know me! thanks to everyone for not choosing blue.. its at the end of my list, not that i hate it its just not preferable. TQ n please vote again.


Muhd Naim said…
zzz....that wan also kepoh. hehehe. i like black..blue..and green. i think my fav is black. mine changes from time to time.

and ohyea. why the hell u tell yashna's mum that she's my slave? then now she considered me as her slave.
Anonymous said…
I luv myself.
And what iz thizpost about anyway?
Just f.y.i (in case anyone nidz 2 knw yo) I LIKE PINK!!!!
but i also like black. it goz with anythin...yea im talking about clothez n stff. OK tc lyn byeee..!
Ashlyn said…
blog is dead! n naim, the earlier poll was about my fav. colour.. not urs. n yes, blog is dead... no one blogs anymore
Lishaanth said…
NO NO not dead juz lishaanth malas thats why everyone malas!hehe

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