tragedy always seems to have 2 sides

N that two sides are a bad one and a good one. haih

wanna know? ok.. GOOD ONE FIRST!

i found the second book! i know! i found it.. though it was expensive but u guys will never know how much i wanted this book. yipee! ^^


THERE IS A THIRD BOOK! i got to wait i think, i haven see the book yet.. not in kinokuniya that is. :'(

but at least this merely means, ITS NOT OVER! haha! it's still there.. lurking.. waiting.. if onli i could grab it soon.. if onli..

CRAP! this is super emo! ok.. the point is, i'll be waiting extremely anxious for the next book and i love the first and second. but i don like the fact thst its not thick..


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