oh damn it...

i kinda have super rough time with the words when i start writing... it was pretty hard... oh here, the result now.. hope it's readable.. n thanks for reading it...

Tell me, what am I?

Am I your princess?
The one whom you praise and behold upon
Whom you will never stop thanking for
The one you wish to bless

Or am I your toy?
The rag doll whom you cast and tear
Like a punching bag you hit
The one you blame when troubles draw near

Am I your soul?
The other fragment of you
A mind reader with cures in possession
The one you call when you’re broken

Or am I a fragile glass?
An ornament on the mantelpiece
Dusted everyday and gazed every while
The one you treasure yet never touch

Am I your angel?
A pretty fleck of pink in the sky
The unreachable dream
The one you cherish and wish for

Or am I just another girl?
A substitute to solitary
Randomly picked, a mere lucky catch
The one you discard when passion dies


Sillyaaron said…
angle or angel???swt2...if its angle i dont know wat that paragraph mean leh...==
Ashlyn said…
sorry! angel.. i always spell tat wrongly...

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