Crap Alert...

ya.. u heard that siren.. unfortunately, it wasn't written by me.. i could never write sweet n romantic stuffs like this.. it's a curse, i guess...

i think tat it's very lovely or maybe i'm just bias... either way, just enjoy the poem...

n it is suggested that u:

a) read while listening to this song "Everything" by Lifehouse
b) read then listen to "Everything" by Lifehouse...

either way, it's fine...

You're My Everything

When we first fell in love
I thought that nothing could compare
To the magical romance
That you and I had come to share.

But as time passed, feelings deepened,
And our closeness grew
The romance turned into
A real and lasting love with you.

You care for me in all the ways
I want and need so much.
I’ve felt your warmth and tenderness
With every word and touch.

I know I can depend on you
For support and honesty,
That patient understanding
That you always give to me.

There’s a special kind of happiness
That only love can bring,
And I’ve found that happiness with you...
You are my everything.

here u go.. have fun!


Sillyaaron said…
i think u not is very good le...although not much touched i feel but i believe if a bf write to a gf the gf will touched till tears roll down...ask the person who wrote this wrte more le...haha...
Anonymous said…
Don't think that guy will..

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