lalala CRAP!

here;s another one... i don have a real point when i was writing it so its just a freeflowing thing.. it might be bad.. nevertheless, enjoy..


Cause when I see the dawn settling in
The sun rising above us
I wonder if the day would freeze
To spend some time with you

And when the clouds loom over
And sunny rays blocked away
I wonder if the day would smile
To see the smile on your face

And when breezes flew by
Caressing the air
I wonder if it would call out
To your name in my mind

And yet when night fall asleep
And the world quiets down
I wonder if you would stay
To fend my hopeless heart…


Michael Myers said…
I need more poems......its my primary source of energy...and your poems certainly r the best!!!
Ashlyn said…
thank u so so much.. it really turned my frown into a smile.. thanks a lot...
Michael Myers said…
i never seen a girl like this before....a cool, atmospheric, song
Ashlyn said…
??? sry but i don get wat ur trying to say...
M.Myers said…
The 69 Eyes - Sister of Charity (now perhaps u'll understand)

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