stupid MC!

Suddenly, out of nowhere came a gal (Prita) pointing at me, mouthing something which could be something bad (she mouthed my name to PRiya). Next thing i know, i was whisk upstage to become MC!! thanin came and gave me the name for guru bertugas (which was wrong and i had to correct it later! argH!) and pala was on the other ear of mine,"this don need to say, this need, that one don need, name for the ikrar is.... doa is...." i mean, it was so IMPROMTO (don care spelling right or wrong la) suddenly i became MC! and stupid Kevan! while i was there, standing on that weird green platform, mouthing the song Jalur Gemilang (yes, just mouthing, malas to sing) pretending to be someone who is very patriotic, he glanced over... ntg happen at first but the next second, his mouth twiched and all i knew next was me, standin in front of that whole group of student, trying not to laugh while he giggled away! ARGH! i mean, it was during the song and i was standing in front there, trying not to laugh or smile... stupid KEVAN!!!


kEv said…
haha..really funny lar u..
thx to my stupid classmate..
asked me to stand at the front..
then so coincidence..
saw u..
u shld find a day and stand at form5's row..
i can say every of them was jus mouthing the songs..
none of them really sing..
including me..haha is really a bad choice to pick u as the MC..
Aaron265 said…
Hey...U smiled ok??? n u look like an idiot standing there at the funny...
Ashlyn said…
OII! i'm suppose to be serious up there! and i'm not a bad MC k!!
Ashlyn said…
AND IT WAS SO URGENT! SO SUDDEN! how can u expect so much from it???!!!!
Lishaanth said…
i think it was
Anonymous said…

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